Joomla 1.5 w/ads manager to Osclass migration. Osclass plugin development. EuPago payments system, member directory plugin, favorite users plugin, banner plugin, profile picture plugin, profile verification plugin, theme modifications… Review: Patrik is a skillful web developer. He finishes all the requests in short time for a great price. Site: Read more…

Mercadoputas | WEBmods | Zagorski oglasnik


Osclass plugin and theme development. Item to top, Whatsapp phone number and major theme changes. Review: All modifications were done quickly and for a good rate. I suggest WEBmods for anything Osclass related. Site:

Valencia Escort | WEBmods | Zagorski oglasnik

Valencia Escort

Osclass plugin and theme development. Checkbox group attributes, item photo verify and major theme changes. Review: We want to express that we are really satisfied with Patrik’s work. He’s always available to do the job and he does it fast with quality. We will always count on him with all Read more…

Mutual Move

Osclass plugin development. User notifications. Review: My plugin was finished in two days and for an amazing rate. I couldn’t ask more from this Osclass genius. My go-to developer from now on! Site: (unfortunately down)

Potads Classifieds | WEBmods | Zagorski oglasnik

Potads Classifieds

Osclass plugin development. Friends system, Instagram feed for users, user notifications, user and item privacy options, user story, user and item tags, user blog, buy button, fact/myth voting etc. Review: Great guy to work with, he’s smart and he gets the job done. Site:

Proprietari Imobiliare | WEBmods | Zagorski oglasnik

Proprietari Imobiliare

Osclass plugin development. Custom search features, custom attributes, items map with search, etc. Review: I’ve worked with WEBmods, and I’m very pleased about their work. They respond fast at my requests and resolve my problems. I recommend them! Site: